DC Discovery – More than a Flyover

Yesterday, Emily and I enjoyed Washington like tourists once again.  Discovery roared past her office patio multiple times.  Each time it came by you heard the oohs and aahs while everyone watched it circle past great American landmarks such as the Washington Monument and the Capitol – maybe the pilot was trying to buzz the ‘control tower.’

It was truly a unique experience and just adds to the multitude of memories we’ve shared in this great city over the past decade.  Many people posted about their memories of the space program or of Discovery itself, but yesterday also gave us a chance to reflect on all the history we’ve witnessed in our short time here.  I wonder what will happen next.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos below and at Smugmug.


~ by Rob Page III on April 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “DC Discovery – More than a Flyover”

  1. Great photographs. That must have been cool – it reminded me of when I saw the shuttle on top of the 747 over thirty years ago out in the Utah desert.

  2. […] Space Shuttle Discovery glides past the Capitol last week. Buzzing the control tower – Washington, DC … April 17, 2012 … Photo by Rob Page III Like […]

  3. You really have a great talent when it comes to composition! The pictures with Discovery and with Landmarks are truly beautiful.

  4. […] past year didn’t find us blogging too much with a grand total of one post – it was cool though. We did continue to have our adventures and are already planning some more for this year. […]

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