Stetson, the Mischievous (and smart) Kitty

By Emily:

That’s probably the best word to describe our younger cat, Stetson. We love him. He’s friendly, cute, and adorable. But he is a troublemaker.

Over the summer, we were battling with the squirrels in our backyard over who gets to eat our tomatoes. Most of the time, they won.

One day, Rob triumphantly brought in three ripe tomatoes. I place them on the window sill to be eaten the next day. When I come down in the morning one of them is gone. Given that I’m the only human in this house who likes plain tomatoes, I know Rob didn’t touch them.  I look around, and I see Stetson, sitting at my feet, licking his lips…the telltale tomato seeds squirted around him.

Have you ever heard of a cat eating a tomato?


~ by Emily Page on December 31, 2011.

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