Colombia: The Panamanian Detour

On our way to Colombia, we had an eight hour layover in Panama City.  This acted as an appropriate introduction to Latin America, as Panama and Colombia were once a single nation and still border each other where Central and South America come together.

Outside the airport, we eschewed the aggressive taxi drivers for a very local bus. This served as an effective 50-cent tour of the entire city, as it took us along the main streets and through the heart of the Panamanian neighborhoods.  It took about an hour to make it to downtown, but we saw families, school children, the traffic dance around the buses, and the rhythms of the local society.  Ultimately, the bus dropped us into a section of the city we otherwise would not have made it to.  As we bobbed and weaved through the sidewalk stands, we stopped to try the local grilled sausage and some popcorn.  It was a delectable hour absorbing the sights, sounds, and savory aromas of the Panamanian streets.

We still had a couple hours and were close to Casco Viejo.  A short cab ride dropped us off at the main plaza of this UNESCO World Heritage site.  From here, Emily and I enjoyed meandering through the colonial streets.  We peaked into the La Catedral Metropolitana and then strolled to the water’s edge.  On the horizon we could see ships lining up to make their way through the Panama Canal while, high above them, mother nature lined up storm clouds for her fireworks display.  The salty sea breeze smelled nice as we watched the waves crash and shatter against the break wall.  Finally, we made our way back to the plaza to enjoy a drink and another snack before heading through Panama’s glass forest of skyscrapers and back to the airport for the flight to CartagenaEnjoy!

The Panama City skyline.

La Catedral Metropolitana



~ by Rob Page III on November 8, 2011.

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