Wedding: Anthea Medyn and Shamus Brady

It has become a bit of tradition that we attend weddings over the Fourth of July weekend. This year was no different. One of my best friends from graduate school was marrying the man she had been dating for years. What excitement!

We drove up to Massachusetts on Thursday night/Friday morning.  Though we hoped to stop in and see Carly and Tom in NYC, the timing unfortunately didn’t work out. Alas! We continued up the coast to the Rhode Island/Massachusetts border for the rehearsal dinner at Anthea’s parents’ house in Rhode Island. We arrived a bit early to help out with setting things up. Luckily for me, Anthea hadn’t finished all the crafty things she had planned, so I got to be useful. Susan, Anthea’s talented mother, creates water colors and had painted and stamped all of the place cards for the wedding guests. They were super cute – and each one was different! While I was looking busy with place cards, Anthea and her aunt finished making the birdcage veil. I have to admit, I knew Anthea could put together some pretty great Excel charts, cookies, and cakes, but I had no idea she could make veils.

After helping out with the table numbers and setting some things up for the dinner, we enjoyed the beautiful summer weather.  We had a delicious picnic meal and then went inside for coffee and dessert. I even nabbed a lobster shaped cookie.

On Saturday, I bounced out of bed and was delighted to see the perfect weather outside. After a nice breakfast in the hotel, we headed about an hour north to join the wedding party in Boston. I went to go get my hair done with Anthea and the other bridesmaids. Rob, as usually happens when I am a bridesmaid, was super helpful and took care of a few things that Anthea and Shamus needed help with.  Anthea wore her hair curly, and when she added the just-made birdcage veil, she looked like a movie star from the 20’s. Wow.

We all headed over to a hotel room with our dresses and to put makeup on. The photographer met us there and photographed that process. I’m definitely not used to being watched while applying eye shadow.  Soon, we were all putting on our dresses, and Laura, the maid of honor, was sewing a six pence from the wedding of Anthea’s aunt into Anthea’s shoe.  Shortly after, Anthea pulled on her dress.

Though every bride looks amazing, this dress was especially spectacular.  A family friend had sewn it. T he underlying silk was a light purple, and the entire dress was covered with white lace.  With the formfitting lace dress, curly hair, beautiful veil, 4 inch heels, and dramatic eye lashes, Anthea looked spectacular.

We gathered our beautiful flowers and all headed down to the limo which took us to the outdoor garden wedding site. Anthea’s parents quickly doused us all with bug spray (romantic, right?) and we readied ourselves for the walk down the aisle.

It was a beautiful, short ceremony. The couple had huge smiles on their faces, and their joy was contagious.  Soon after getting there, we processed back down the aisle and took some pictures in the beautiful sunset. Though the cocktail hour had started while we were taking pictures, the real party began once Anthea and Shamus finished with their formal portraits. The evening was fun with some yummy drinks, a delicious dinner, and several great toasts. Rather than cake, they had a pie and ice cream buffet. I couldn’t imagine anything yummier or more suitable for the Fourth of July weekend. We finished the evening by dancing the night away. Rob and I are looking forward to seeing the official pictures. Every time we turned around, it seemed like the photographer was taking another picture of the two of us. As always seems to happen at weddings, the evening ended too quickly.


~ by Emily Page on September 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Wedding: Anthea Medyn and Shamus Brady”

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