Wedding: Carly Fowler and Tom Westerman

Friday — the big day!

I headed over to the Fowlers’ house shortly after waking up. Carly, her mom, and her sisters all had hair appointments; and I got to tag along to take pictures and distract people by being ridiculous (that comes naturally).  I got a few good ones, even without Rob’s skills.  The Fowler women looked beautiful (that comes naturally to them).

At the Fowlers’ house, Britt; fellow bridesmaid, friend, and TV star; arrived a bit early and did Carly’s makeup for the wedding. The rest of us got ready, the Fowlers headed out to the church, and then the party bus with the groomsman and handsome Tom came to pick us up.  We had time to do some great group pictures before the wedding. There was an especially funny moment when the photographer was trying to get the groomsmen to look at him, but one of boys wouldn’t take his eyes off Carly.

There isn’t too much to say about the ceremony – just that it was perfect. It was an honor to walk down the aisle and see everyone waiting with anticipation for Carly and her dad. Unlike at my sister’s wedding where I turned into the human waterfall, I only cried a little bit at Carly’s wedding (Jay, stop laughing). The homily was touching and personalized (nerds!), and it was absolutely beautiful when Carly and Tom gave each other communion. They are an amazing couple!

There were a few more pictures to take after the ceremony, and then the wedding party headed onto the party bus for some snacks, a little bit of champagne, and a fun ride to the reception. We arrived just in time to head into the beautiful reception hall and for Carly and Tom to be announced and dance their first dance. Lovely! Rob and I were sitting at a table with Meghan, Britt, Meghan’s parents, and my parents, yay!

After dinner, the dance floor was opened, and we quickly headed there.  I danced several wonderful dances with my darling husband, but I occasionally ditched him for a few good dances with my girlfriends.  One highlight of the evening for me was dancing with Carly, Meghan, and Britt – the best friends a girl could ever want – and pulling in Emily and Whitney, the amazing spouses of Jay and Mike. The photographer had a field day of the six of us dancing together, and it was such a joy-filled dance. I am so blessed with amazing friends.

The maids of honor, the best man, and the father of the bride (Carly’s sisters, Tom’s brother, and Dean) gave wonderful, heartfelt toasts. There was a cake cutting and more dancing to follow. The evening came to a close too quickly.

As the wedding was on a Friday, that gave Rob and me a little more time to see people. I helped the Fowlers’ out a bit with their day-after brunch, and Rob joined me there. We spent the evening with Meghan and then met up with Jay, Whitney, Mike, Emily, and Judson and Amanda (our beloved Zack’s sister and brother-in-law) for drinks. It was a fabulous time!

Sunday also came quickly, though Mike and Kathy Coghlan made a delicious father’s day brunch. We loved spending time with them, and then my parents came to pick us up. We were happy to spend father’s day with my father, though we certainly missed Rob’s parents. We spent the rest of Sunday with my parents, aunt, and uncle and met up with my cousin, her husband and kids for a delicious southern dinner.

The weekend was amazing, and we couldn’t be happier for Carly and Tom. Congratulations, you two!



~ by Emily Page on August 29, 2011.

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