Carly & Tom’s pre-wedding festivities

Back in June, my dear friend Carly Fowler married Tom Westerman.  Though the wedding wasn’t until that Friday evening, I headed down to my homeland – Atlanta – on Tuesday night.  Meghan Conboy, my best friend since 7th grade, came to pick me up at the airport where we started the giggle fest before we even saw each other.  Despite the late hour in the arrivals area, there was no shortage of traffic, and there was a man with a bullhorn futilely attempting to instruct drivers to give up their parking spots.  Most of them weren’t listening.  Meghan stopped behind four other non-moving cars and I tossed my bag into the backseat before scrambling into the front seat. The bullhorn man picked me out and yelled, “You there! You very nice young lady! You are holding up traffic.” Well, that actually slowed me down.  Only in the South will you be scolded and told you are nice in the same sentence.  The week of celebrations had begun!

Meghan and I caught up over that evening and the next day.  She was making final preparations for her move to Florida for a new job, but we took a break to get a pedicure and go for a long walk. We then got ready to head out for Carly’s bachelorette party that started at a Mexican restaurant with a delicious dinner and margaritas.  Carly’s parents and our friend Mike Coghlan’s parents, Mike and Kathy Coghlan, were also at the restaurant – a Wednesday evening tradition. The Coghlans have lived next door to the Fowlers (This was great for our high school social lives.)

As it turned out, our tables were right next to each other.  We had no crazy activities planned, so we certainly didn’t mind and instead enjoyed the chance to catch up and joke with them a bit. Despite some confusion about the event we were dolled up for – some woman asked us if we were going to prom – we had a great time.  Dean Fowler, Carly’s wonderful father, also surprised us by paying for our dinner.  He’s such a sweetheart!

Thursday morning came early, but Kathy and Carly hosted a lovely bridesmaid luncheon to energize us for the day. We also received cute shoe bags, flip-flops to change into during the reception, lovely earrings, and a necklace. The afternoon quickly passed, and we headed over to Marietta to St. Ann’s for the rehearsal and then back to Roswell for the rehearsal dinner.

Tom’s family-friends  brother hosted the rehearsal dinner, which was barbecue – yum!  Kathy Coghlan helped set up everything. My parents were kind enough to pick Rob up from the airport and drop him off at the dinner.  My high school crew, plus spouses, were all in attendance. What fun! Aside the bridesmaid duties of plying Carly and Tom with lots of water and allowing other people to fawn over them, the rest of us had a great time catching up.

The Coghlans were kind enough, as always, to open their home and allow Rob and me to stay with them. Not only was it great to spend more time with Mike and the new Mrs. Coghlan, I also had easy access to Carly on the wedding day. Score!


~ by Emily Page on August 24, 2011.

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