The 2011 NY Ragnar Relay

This spring Sanjenis somehow ‘coaxed’ me into running another Ragnar Relay after we had such a good time running one in the fall.  This one took us through the Hudson Valley as we started in Woodstock and made our way to Dobbs Ferry in Westchester County.  We were smart and rented the proper number of vans to make logistics easier – a major failure on our part during the previous relay.  However,  this relay only had one DPE entry.

For this relay I ran longer legs than last time at 5.8, 7.6, and 8.0 miles with an average of 8 minutes per mile which was my goal.  This fall we’ll be running the DC Ragnar Relay again, but as an ultra (double the distances above as the team will be 6 people instead of 12).  We’ll also be competing against at least one other DPE team, but hopefully two.  Until then, here are some images from NY.  You can check out the 2010 DC relay post here and photos here.




~ by Rob Page III on May 30, 2011.

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  1. […] two years we’ve managed to field two teams for the DC edition of the relay series while also running in New York.  This year, the Alumni defended their victory.  Here is is a photo of all of us before the race […]

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