Thanksgiving on the Great Plains

Thanksgiving took us away from our usual East Coast habitat but still brought us together with family in the Great Plains.  Emily’s aunt and uncle hosted Emily’s parents, Jen & Jon, and us to a wonderful feast and a couple of “warm” days of Nebraskan hospitality.  Many hours were spent reminiscing about other family times, talking about technological developments, learning how to pronounce and understand the meaning of slough (Here’s where we previously encountered the noun).  When we weren’t hanging out, we enjoyed the scrumptious exploits of June’s kitchen concoctions.  Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, as were the numerous other meals we devoured.

Outside the house, the Carrells introduced us to the great sky they enjoy on an almost daily basis.  One night we made our way to the edge of Lincoln and watched shooting stars streak below the Milky Way.  The following day, we went to the native prairie where we trekked through the tall grasses while thinking about how the covered wagons went across the same fields.  While making our way across the golden, wavy landscape, the sun burned the sky with it yellows, oranges, and reds making for dramatic silhouettes.

For our final meal, we ate at a lodge with antler chandeliers and walls made from thick tree trunks.  We enjoyed each others’ company until the kitchen shut down, and we all had to depart our separate ways.  It was a lovely way to spend the weekend, and we were thankful to be with family over the holiday.



~ by Rob Page III on December 2, 2010.

One Response to “Thanksgiving on the Great Plains”

  1. Great stuff! Husband is from Omaha with extended family in far western, rural Chase County. I’m from Boston. Time spent there is a nice departure from our Chicago everyday.

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