Columbus Day Weekend with Parents

This past Columbus Day weekend, my parents came to visit.  One of their dreams is to sail around the world when they retire.  As that date gets closer, they’ve started looking for a boat.  Fortunately for Emily and me, Annapolis is close by, and it hosts one of the largest boat shows in the U.S. each Columbus Day weekend.

On Saturday, the four of us explored the cabins of many boats and gave our approval (or disapproval) of various models.  Hopefully, our feedback will help my parents buy a boat that they’ll be able to enjoy for years as they sail (and make ports of call near wherever we may be living).

Sunday, we headed in the opposite direction toward the mountains of Virginia.  We set out headed to Shenandoah but with no specific destination in mind before seeing a hand-painted sign for a maze that read: The Corn Maze in The Plains…  it was time for an adventure.

We didn’t quite know what we were in for, but as we waited in line we saw that this farm built an elaborate, themed corn maze every year.  This year, the maze was in the shape of a chicken.  When we went to buy our tickets, my father quickly purchased a post-card to use as a map (though we found the postcard to be unhelpful once we got into the maze).

We had a bit of time to explore the farm before it was our turn to go into the maze. We were walking toward the food, but wait, there was a slingshot for parents and their children!  My dad took us over and “showed” me how to use the slingshot,  and we launched gourds hundreds of feet into the countryside.  I’m not sure if our smiles and laughter were louder and brighter than the 5-10 year olds for whom this game this was truly meant, but it was fun.

Finally, we made it to the maze where we meandered around for much longer than expected.  The path was well worn and, even though the corn was low due to the drought, it took us about an hour and half to escape.  Next year, we plan to return for a nighttime trek under the full moon.

It was a great weekend that slowly came to a close as we meandered in the golden foothills of Virginia at sunset.  We look forward to my parents’ next visit.


~ by Rob Page III on November 25, 2010.

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