Labor Day in Maine

In September, Emily and I spent a wonderful weekend with her parents in Maine.  We arrived just in time to turn around and welcome Hurricane Earl.  Before the storm came, Emily, Jen, Bob, and I explored the local inlets with kayaks.  It was fun checking out the birds and discovering that every pier had a ‘pet’ owl. The storm brought an eerie fog to the entire region and we could barely see 100 feet; however, the waves thrashed the shore with their fury and erupted into beautiful beads of water.

In the morning all of us enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Sea Gull Shop.  Yummy!  Outside, we watched as the massive waves crashed against the rocks below the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, and the clouds parted to reveal a beautiful blue sky.

With the parting of the clouds, we were able to take to the sea for a day of lobstering.  Emily’s father won a day on a lobster boat, and we enjoyed learning about the lobster industry.  A day of bobbing up and down taught us about the challenges lobster men face, how lobsters are caught, what one has to go through to become a lobsterman, and what size lobsters we could keep.  It was very interesting, and the best part is that we were able to keep some of the trapped lobsters.

Bob and I enjoyed setting up the new burner at the Congers’ house to boil and transform the lobsters into our delicious dinner.  All in all it was a fun and relaxing weekend along the water.


~ by Rob Page III on November 11, 2010.

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