Japan: Yokohama, a return home

After 6 years away from the Land of the Rising Sun, I was back.  This was my first time as a tourist, and I played tour guide for Emily, who was excited to explore a place that so impacted me.  The first place we headed from Narita Airport was to Yokohama (横浜) where my host parents live.  The journey took us on a number of trains, through the bustle of Tokyo, into the labyrinth of the Metro, and then onto the Keihin Kyuko line before thrusting us into the heart of Yokohama.

Once we arrived at the Katos’ house, we were able to hang out with the Katos and catch up for the first time in years.  The next morning, we were treated to a delicious and hearty breakfast that was needed as we walked across most of the city.  The first area we saw was Minato Mirai: Yokohama’s futuristic skyline with some of Japan’s tallest buildings.  Inside the Landmark Tower, we headed up to the Yokohama International Clinic  and met up with Yukiko Moriyama: my host sister from the second family I stayed with as a fourteen-year-old.  When I first met Yukiko, she was younger than I am now and still lived at home.

After the time with the Moriyamas, our walking adventure truly began.  We meandered along the waterfront making our way to Yamashita Park, up Isezaki-cho, and then to my old school to try to see my former teacher, Sekine-sensei.  We had no luck, but had fun walking through the school with all the children in their matching uniforms.  After some ramen for lunch – I could eat ramen and dumplings daily – we continued to walk all over the city and made our way to the Marine Tower before being drawn into the lights of Chinatown where we met with the Katos for dinner.  It was a very delicious dinner with some odd dishes ordered by Masashi – if you share Masashi’s love of cow’s intestines, he can recommend a couple of places.

It was rewarding to share with Emily the places that I frequented years ago.  It was also great sharing time with the Katos. I look forward to similar days in the future with Emily and the Katos.  Here are some photos from Yokohama and stay tuned for our first day in Tokyo together.


~ by Rob Page III on October 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Japan: Yokohama, a return home”

  1. Very nice post and pictures about Yokohama – looks like a very place for you. Anyway, have a great visit and I look forward to your blog posts.

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  3. […] the south of Yokohama lies the old imperial capital of Kamakura.  This city is full of temples and shrines but is most […]

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