Wedding: Liora Gelblum and Gabriel Bowers

This summer, Emily and I went back out to the West Coast. Once again, we got to spend time with Liora and Gabe, but this time we had the honor of being a part of their wedding. Liora is one of Emily’s best friends, and she introduced the two of us to each other.  Naturally, we were thrilled to see her getting married to someone she absolutely loves and adores.  Emily had been anticipating this day from the time we met Gabe at our wedding.

The celebration began on Friday and ended during the wee hours of Monday.  On Friday, we all gathered at the site of the ceremony – a backyard overlooking a California valley – to prepare everything for Sunday’s ceremony.  Shawn and I played stand-in groomsmen while we dodged a menacing hornets’ nest in the ground (Gabe battled with the nest that night and the next day to keep the guests safe on Sunday).  After the rehearsal, we made our way to Liora’s childhood home where one of her friends prepared the food for the rehearsal dinner.

The meal led into much merriment as Liora and Gabe shared photos of their time together.  Eventually, the evening culminated with many kind words from guests at that night’s dinner. We left anticipating two wonderful days of celebrations ahead.

We spent some time walking around San Francisco on Saturday, but Emily also spent much of Saturday attending services and preparing last minute items with Liora. After services and before last-minute prep, Shawn, Steph, Emily and I walked around San Francisco for a while.

A day with perfect California weather greeted us as we walked into the yard that Sunday.  As the guests arrived, the men and women headed to different areas in the house to celebrate the ‘tish’  A tish is a Jewish tradition where the guests say words of encouragement while also attempting to make the bride and groom smile.  They also toast to the groom with Scotch. One of the priceless moments of the wedding was when Gabe and Liora first saw each other. Gabe repeatedly shook his head with disbelief about the beauty of his almost-wife.

Then the ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract, was signed in front of the rabbi and then the next part of the wedding ceremony began.  The guests moved to the lawn, and after the attendants walked down the aisle, Gabe was escorted by his parents and waited eagerly under the chuppah for Liora. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other as they smiled – even as he put on a traditional Jewish robe and she circled around him seven times.  The ceremony was joyful and very happy with a very loooong first kiss. 

At a Jewish wedding, there is a time when the guests are expected to entertain the newlyweds.  Emily, Steph, and the other bridesmaids planned extensively for this and made balloons to pop, blew bubbles, and dressed Liora and Gabe up like they were in a Dr. Seuss book.  It was a lot of fun spinning, dancing, and entertaining them.

The first dances were lovely, and we all enjoyed a delicious meal before everyone danced the night away underneath the California stars.

Liora and Gabe, we wish you many more memorable and beautiful nights and years together.  Mazel tov!


~ by Rob Page III on September 12, 2010.

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