South Africa: Sabi Sabi Safari – Part 4

From Bob Conger:

On the final evening’s game drive, we spent a long time on a beautiful high plain, enjoying the long views, and the golden late afternoon light illuminating a sizeable herd of zebra, and 4 white rhinos.  The rhinos are BIG and sturdy, but surprisingly graceful — and our guide said it is even more surprising how fast they can run and turn.  We really enjoyed watching the zebras grazing and interacting with each other.  Elsewhere on the plain, kudu and wildebeest.  Very serene!

We closed the evening by returning to the lion, finding the male and female in one sector, and the other two males strolling down a track, checking out the area for competitors.  We were hoping to see and hear a lion roar, but apparently they did not have enough confidence in the territory to do so yet.

The southern stars shown brilliantly, and beyond count, as we returned to the lodge.  Some new constellations to us (such as the southern cross), but some old friends as well (Orion, and his dog).  A shooting star or two for emphasis.

Our evening ended with a wonderful outdoor dinner under the canopy of a large tree and the stars overhead.  Tables arranged in a circle around a central campfire, we enjoyed relaxed conversation, good food, and fresh air.


~ by Rob Page III on August 12, 2010.

One Response to “South Africa: Sabi Sabi Safari – Part 4”

  1. Some wonderful photos there. I particular like the one of the three slightly angled zebras. Marvelous. 🙂

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