South Africa: Iconic Table Mountain

Table Mountain dominates Cape Town and, naturally, it was one of the first places we went in the city. Years ago, Cape Town had the foresight to limit development and make this naturally beautiful symbol of South Africa a protected wilderness area. The mountain and its surrounding area, unbeknownst to us, are one of the most bio-diverse locations in the world.  Getting to the mountain top is an adventure that can either be done on foot or via a cable car.  With our limited time we boarded the rotating cable car that whisked us into blue sky.

While scaling the side of the mountain the floor of the cable-car spins slowly to allow each person a view of the ocean to the west, the city to the north, and the mountain to south. At one point we passed within 50 feet of rock climbers scaling the sheer mountain face. At the top we spilled out onto a large, flat plateau full of small mountain shrubs, vibrant flowers, birds, lizards, and other small critters. Our time was limited so we walked around the top, taking in the Twelve Apostles to the south, and watching the working harbor next to the city center before heading back down.

On our final evening in Cape Town all six of us jumped at the opportunity to go up Table Mountain for sunset. We could see some clouds, but it looked like the mountain might be clear. However, as we ascended, we watched the cable car wire disappear into a foggy wall and were concerned we would only get to see the inside of the cloud. We were lucky though, and a beautiful sunset lit the tops of the clouds. We also watch the clouds slide off the edge of the mountains and fall to the sea as if there were a waterfall. It was mesmerizing! Then, Jon impressed us all with his mystical connection to nature and commanded a bird to fly up and pose for us on a nearby rock bathed by the sunset’s glow. We were sad to have to descend from the table top of flowing clouds and sun-kissed vistas.


~ by Rob Page III on July 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello. Very nice photos. THanks for sharing 🙂

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