America’s Birthday in the Heartland

4th of July took us back to Ohio for Ben and Missy’s wedding. We celebrated well into the night on both the 2nd and 3rd (we’ll provide more details about the wedding later UPDATE: Wedding post).  Between the wedding and reception, Emily and I went into downtown Chagrin Falls, my hometown. It is an old 19th century mill-town sandstone building-lined streets and a beautiful waterfall that is focal point of the town.  Sitting above the falls is the famous Popcorn shop which provides wonderful candy, ice cream, and a backdrop for many couples’ and families’ memories. For my sister’s wedding one year ago, the bridal party shared ice cream with the bride and groom. On this day, just Emily and I shared some refreshing and delicious ice cream in the shade down by the falls.

The day after the wedding (the fourth!) was a beautiful day. We spent the day relaxing and then went to a community park with my parents and Missy’s parents  for the fireworks. While waiting for dusk to bear forth the bursting fireworks, we watched children wearing red, white, and blue run around. A Beatles cover band provided cheerful background music.


The fireworks started in a dizzying display of color and swirls in the air before the long tentacles of fire repeatedly lit up the quickly darkening evening.  The display ended with a thunderous blast of color, light, and sound.  Please enjoy a few of the sights of the day, and maybe next time we’ll add some sound. 🙂


~ by Rob Page III on July 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “America’s Birthday in the Heartland”

  1. Great fireworks shots! Thye always are different. Thanks for posting.

  2. […] Missy Paradise & Ben Arnett Last week we wrote about the 4th of July fireworks in Ohio. Though we greatly enjoyed those, we actually were in Ohio for the wedding of Missy and Ben.  The […]

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