South Africa: Cape of Good Hope & Boulder Beach

Cape Town is blessed by the natural beauty of the mountains and the sea. At some point, we hope, my parents will be able to sail there. The western coast of the Cape offers beautiful beaches and clouds rolling off Table Mountain into the sea. The road twists and turns as it goes further south, offering glimpses of a verdant coast and hidden harbors here and there. It even overlooks a town that can only be accessed by foot.  At the very southern tip of this African Peninsula sits Cape Point.

It is this point that mariners, for centuries, marked their way as they rounded the Cape and headed east to Asia.  At the top of the Cape sits a lighthouse that watches over the ships and whales passing by while warning them to stay away from the dramatic cliffs and rocky shoreline. The azure waves crashing on the rocks added a beautiful sound to the sea air.  As beautiful as this place was to  Maggie, Jen, Jon, Emily, and  me, it will never be forgotten by our friends Christine and Cesar when two months later Cesar proposed to Christine at this spectacular site. We wish them all the best!!!

As beautiful as the Cape is, it is also known for its wildlife. The baboons and ostriches greeted us along the road, but the penguins hid themselves away at Boulder Beach in a private, protected rookery. As our guide explained about the penguins Jennifer and Emily literally ran down the boardwalk to see the tuxedoed waddlers on their “happy feet.”  We spent a good hour watching  them torpedo through the water, nurse their young, and bask in the beautiful weather.  The penguins were a spectacular sight, and I was very surprised we didn’t need to talk to our landlords about a new pet.

We hope to get back to the Cape someday and enjoy some of the outdoor activities such as kayaking with the penguins and exploring some of the smaller towns such as Simon’s Town. Until then we’ll just savor the memories!

Christine & Cesar get engaged!


~ by Rob Page III on July 8, 2010.

23 Responses to “South Africa: Cape of Good Hope & Boulder Beach”

  1. These pictures are great! I really love the little penguins 🙂

  2. Amazing

  3. I’ve been to all those places and have some very similar pictures! It truly is beautiful.

  4. Amazing photos of an amazing country, South Africa has so much to offer. Your photos are great. I love the third photo with the clouds rolling down the mountain tops.

  5. I’m not sure if you’re a soccer fan, but they are holding the World Cup Soccer Matches in South Africa as well.

    The Codger

    • Yes, very much so and wish I could have been there during the World Cup. They were actually down there for the World Cup and he hid the ring in the matchbox.

  6. Very nice pictures. It makes CT look very pretty.

  7. mexico mexico saludos

  8. I was there for conference and holiday almost 4 years ago and enjoyed it very much. Lots of natural beauty and wildlife.

  9. Your photos are great! I would love to know what equipment you shot these with.

  10. Great pics. I live in Simonstown by the penquins en route to Cape Point. Yip, Cape Town is a beautiful place to live. Right now a cold front is sweeping across the bay bringing in a storm tomorrow, I’m off to the Harbour House restaurant to photograph and eat food ;p

    Come back soon.

  11. Thank you for enjoying Cape Town. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I’ve been to quite a few!

  12. Wow.Great photo.

  13. So glad you enjoyed our beautiful country. Have you visited the winelands around Cape Town? Stelenbosch, Franschhoek, Tulbagh, Paarl…

    Next time you should come visit the Eastern Cape.

  14. Lovely photographs. The third one down looks as if a truly huge wave is cresting over the mountains from the landward side. The clouds standing in for foam, and the dark slopes for the water.

  15. Very nice pictures.

  16. Hi There, I stumbled onto your blog by chance. I am a South African, living on the Garden Route, but if I had the opportunity to, I would move to Cape Town tomorrow. If you do return to explore Simon’s Town – take your time all the way from Kalk Bay right round to Simon’s Town – there is so much to see and do.


  18. what an amazing country!! and look at those penguin.,lovely..nice pictures^^

  19. i hope i can go to south africa too..
    the view is so beautiful..

  20. y es lindo el paisaje, saludos desde mexico

  21. looks great! Hope thet i get to see it sometime in my life!

  22. ur post reminded me of my honeymoon. ur right, its a fantastic place and even i hope i get to go back some day.
    great pics!

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