South Africa: Cape Town – A Jewel on the African Coast

Cape Town is a stunningly beautiful city with mountains rising sharply into the air behind the city – just beyond a walkable distance (as we found out our first day). Fortunately, we were able to grab a taxi that took us to the cable car and up Table Mountain for a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean harbors, beaches and rugged mountains to the south.  Table Mountain is a flat topped mountain that backs the city. When clouds roll over it, there appears to be a table cloth being laid out for a nice picnic. This mountain serves as a symbol of the city and of South Africa. The city itself is vibrant and bustling, a melting pot of cultures, and has a clear sense of excitement about the future. As a major city in South Africa, it also has its share of homelessness, poverty, and struggles with its violent history of apartheid. Nonetheless, it strongly gives the sense that it is trying to overcome its past while still remembering and noting what so many people lost.

The primary reason Emily and I were in Cape Town was to join Emily’s father (I want to thank him for his notes about our travels which have provided invaluable information for these posts) and mother for the conference they were attending. We spent many evenings with them and other actuaries attending the 2010 International Congress of Actuaries. It was quite lovely to see so many individuals from all over the world who are passionate about their jobs and love their profession. The next conference will be held in Washington, DC.  We most likely won’t need to travel as far to reconnect with some of the energetic individuals we met. In the coming posts I’ll outline our adventures in South Africa as well, but here are some starting photos from the trip.


~ by Rob Page III on June 28, 2010.

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