Snow, snow, and more snow in Washington, DC. Some called it ‘snowpocalypse’ or ‘snowmageddon,’ but we called it fun.

Some of you may have read about Washington’s record snowfalls over the last couple of months.  We can confirm that there was a LOT of snow.  Below are some photos of us playing in the snow and enjoying the rare frozen beauty it brought to the city.  Last Saturday was especially beautiful when the snow stopped and the sun came out.  Before the sun emerged though Washingtonians were out enjoying the city and meandering in the streets.  While the two of us didn’t make it to the Dupont Circle Snowball fight we did explore the streets and made it over to the Meridian Hill Park.  Below are some photos, but here are the galleries I put together:

Snowstorm (DEC09)
Around Washington (DEC09)
Rock Creek Park (DEC09)
Regular Snow (FEB10)
Pandas in the Snow (FEB10)
Snowstorm (FEB10)
After the Snow (FEB10)

Here are some videos and galleries from DCist that documented the snowfall as well.

Remember When Snow Was Fun?
Snowmaggedon 1.0 in Time Lapse


~ by Rob Page III on February 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Snow, snow, and more snow in Washington, DC. Some called it ‘snowpocalypse’ or ‘snowmageddon,’ but we called it fun.”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics! I’m of course fond of the one of Em, but the ones of the capital aren’t bad either. 😛 Truly outstanding photography.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous photographs and they get progressively more beautiful as you scroll down. I love the way you framed the monuments and the buildings!!

  3. […] was truly a unique experience and just adds to the multitude of memories we’ve shared in this great city over the past decade.  Many people posted about their memories of the space […]

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