DC Snow

As some of you may have read, DC was walloped this weekend with a heavy blanket of snow.  Before the storm I didn’t quite believe the hysteria as most DC ‘snowstorms’ are dusting or a couple of inches.  I even joked about it earlier this year.  However, this storm brought back memories of President’s Day weekend in 2003 when the city was snowed in and people were cross-country skiing down M St.  At this point I don’t have any photos processed, but I will get to them soon.  The images below are from two weeks ago when DC received its first snowfall of the season.  It was almost as if Mother Nature was telling autumn to leave before she rolled in just before winter officially starts.  Enjoy these and I will get this weekend’s shots up as soon as possible.


~ by Rob Page III on December 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “DC Snow”

  1. I cannot believe this is the first time I have heard about this blog. I am appalled . . . and impressed. Now, you have to keep it updated. I will watch and know . . . and hunt you down if you don’t.

  2. Really? This has to be moderated? Who even reads this blog? I didn’t. I’m one of your dearest friends on the planet. I will now, obviously. But still, MODERATED?! BS.

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