Wedding: Jillian & Greg

Last weekend, after months of waiting and an earlier bridal shower (Emily only), we were excited to go to Jillian and Greg’s rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and wedding (All Photos Here).

The rehearsal was at St. Anne’s church, where the bride, groom and their attendants practiced walking around the church. We were all ready for the big day! (Rehearsal Photo Gallery)

We left St. Anne’s to head to the Milleridge Inn for dinner. We were in a beautiful private room that was nicely decorated for Christmas with a gorgeous tree and a wreath on every window. After a cocktail hour and time catching up, we sat down to a lovely meal. We all had holiday crackers, which we popped open for a little game and a crown. The bridesmaids and Greg’s parents gave lovely toasts, and Greg and Jillian practiced their dancing a bit. Carolers even joined us for about 10 minutes to sing lovely holiday tunes and a special song for Greg and Jillian.  I was the official photographer of the evening and had fun taking pictures of the entire affair. Near the end of the evening, Greg and Jillian gave a lovely speech and handed out sweet thank you gifts to everyone. (Thanks for the Long Island wine! We can’t wait to enjoy it!) (Rehearsal Dinner Photo Gallery)

The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful blue sky. What perfect weather for a wedding! We headed to the church for the 11:00 wedding ceremony. As always, we waited anxiously and excitedly for the procession to start. Greg’s parents walked down the aisle looking lovely. Jillian’s Mother was escorted down the aisle by her two sons. The lovely bridesmaids walked down and finally Jillian and her father came out. She looked beautiful and radiant, and Greg looked stunned when he saw her. The wedding – though wonderful itself – was also special because the priest who married Jillian and Greg was the same priest who had married Jillian’s parents 32 years earlier, also on Thanksgiving weekend. The ceremony was quite nice, though it had a few additional moments of comic relief. After the mothers came up to light the unity candle, they both blew out their candles. Whoops! Greg’s reaction was especially priceless. When Jillian’s brother came to give the rings to Jillian and Greg, everyone in the congregation thought he dropped the rings. Apparently at the exact moment he was handing over the rings, the button on his tux popped off (that’s his story anyway). The tux shop got a special “thank-you” during the toasts. Those funny mishaps aside, Jillian and Greg left the church happy and married. 🙂 (Wedding Photo Gallery)

Next….onto the reception at Westbury Manor. Wow! It was unbelievable. The cocktail hour had so much food, including a sliders’ station, a sushi station, a mini-hotdog station, a cheese table (Emily enjoyed that), fruit trays, pasta stations, taco stations, and more food that we couldn’t even walk by. After a while, we all made our way to the beautiful reception hall and to Table Georgetown. The bridal party danced their way into the hall, and Jillian and Greg shared their first dance. The band was quite talented and had everyone on the dance party singing “Tonight’s gonna be a good night” until we were asked to be seated for our meal. Everything was yummy, but we were excited when the meal was interrupted by a special guest — Mr. Met! There were some fun pictures taken as the bride and groom danced with the mascot. It was such a fun wedding, and Emily and Jillian even got to enjoy a dirty girl scout (A Tombs specialty) together. Thanks so much for inviting us and allowing us to be part of this wonderful weekend! Congratulations to the wonderful couple. (Reception Photo Gallery)


~ by Rob Page III on December 5, 2009.

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