Shenandoah in Autumn (or maybe Winter)

Thanks to Jen and Jon, we had a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast that we needed to use. Because we enjoyed a day trip to the mountains last year we decided to spend a relaxing weekend in Shenandoah when the leaves were changing.  On a Friday evening in fall we left the city and arrived at our cozy b&b around nine. On this rainy night we snuggled into the luxurious bed, enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof and hoping for a clear day in the morning. Alas! We woke up to clouds, but the rain had abated.  At this point we ate a leisurely breakfast and headed into the Shenandoah mountains.

When we arrived to the park entrance, the ranger warned us that it was quite foggy.  As we drove higher, the leaves grew more vibrant. We pulled off several times to hike around and explore the beautiful landscape as it drifted in and out of focus in the misty fog.  At one point we ventured into a land straight out of a fantasyland.  After meandering up a path draped in a shroud of fog the path revealed a carpet of white flakes of ice.  The leaves on a select few trees brimmed with ice that was now falling with the warmth of the 33 degree day.  Emily was convinced that it was winter, and frolicked (she says shivered) through the ethereal woods. After several hours of eerie and uncanny beauty, we headed to Luray to walk around for a bit.  Given the dreary and cold weather, the town was quite quiet.  In the early evening, we headed back to our b&b to snuggle in front of the fireplace and read for the rest of the evening.

On Sunday, we heard that it had snowed in the mountains and tried to return to explore.  Unfortunately, the roads were closed because of the snow.  We decided to take a leisurely drive on the country roads back to DC stopping at numerous roadside markets. We loved our relaxing weekend and enjoyed spending that time together. Thanks for the gift certificate Jen & Jon!


~ by Rob Page III on November 30, 2009.

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