Charm City and the Sailing Capital

On Sunday during my parents “visit to DC,” we drove from Perkasie, PA to Annapolis – Columbus Day weekend coincided with the Annapolis Sailboat Show.  When my parents ultimately retire in a few years, they want to sail around the world. In the meantime, they are preparing and researching what boat will be best for them.  I can’t wait until Emily and I can join them on their boat, though the show also made me want to learn more about sailing and try our hands at it.

On Monday my father had to return to Chicago for work, but Mom and I drove up to Baltimore while Emily wrote a paper. Mom is originally from Baltimore, and she took me around to some of the areas where she grew up including the church where my parents married.  It was very nice to see where she grew up and hear about a side of her I didn’t know much about.  After exploring her neighborhood we swung back downtown to eat scrumptious Crab Cakes at Faidleys.  This is a place we’ll definitely return to for some delicious crab cakes in the future – or maybe my dad can learn to cook it in the smoker in Ohio.

After dinner, we went to the Inner Harbor.  It was beautiful sunset and wonderful time to just talk with my Mom.  Here are some pictures from the day.


~ by Rob Page III on November 21, 2009.

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