Kitty Cats

My sister recently married and moved to Ottawa to join her husband in their new house.  Having both grown up with cats around, John and Heather quickly decided to get two kittens to help them settle in.  I wanted to visit Heather shortly after she arrived and the kittens only added an extra incentive for me to head up there.  At the end of September I did and was able to play with these curious balls of the fur.

The younger one is Sophie and she loves people.  When I arrived Heather handed her to me and she immediately laid on her back in my arms (a couple seconds later she began batting at the icon on my breast pocket thinking it was a bug).  Later, when I was going to bed Sophie joined me, but this kitten likes to sleep under the covers – it has no fear of people.

Roxi is the other kitty, but is a little shier.  She reminds me a little of my cat Yuki, but is definitely smaller.  She was also playful and would lie on her back in my arms.

Here are some photos of them playing while I was at the house, but as always there are more hiding over at my photos site.


~ by Rob Page III on October 22, 2009.

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