Hiking along the Potomac in Great Falls Park

Washington DC is a wonderful city with all of its monuments, but it is easy to forget about all the places to explore nearby.  One of these just happens to be Great Falls Park — upstream on the Potomac River.  I went with my friend Greg who had been a couple times.  At first we were on the C&O Canal towpath before heading upriver on Bear Island.  The trail was a scenic meander through the woods that took us by a hidden pond and glimpsed the river here and there.  There were also some more strenuous parts that necesitated navigating rocks, but I’ll let the photos below and on SmugMug explain all of that…  After our hike we enjoyed some cold beer and nice burgers cooked over a flaming grill.


~ by Rob Page III on September 5, 2009.

One Response to “Hiking along the Potomac in Great Falls Park”

  1. […] on her last day here I took her to Great Falls (Thanks Greg for showing me the park). Instead of hiking on the Maryland side, Heather and I headed to Virginia where we could actually view the falls. While we were there for […]

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