Wedding: Heather & John

4th of July weekend found us back in Ohio to celebrate Heather and John’s wedding. Emily and I helped a little bit with the last minute details, but the Zaylors and Dan were amazing. When we weren’t working in the yard, we were hanging out with Heather’s friends and building friendships with John’s comrades. After a night out at Dave & Busters followed by a lovely dinner in the backyard on Friday night (coupled with some fireworks), it was time for the big show on Saturday.

The sun greeted us bright and early as we did a trial run of Heather’s arrival on the rowboat. The combination of Heather’s heels sinking into the ground and Dan almost sliding into the water confirmed the decision that she should walk from the house. The girls went to the salon to get their hair done. While they were off getting glamoured up, the groomsmen headed to Chagrin for some photos at the antique auto show and then grabbed a sandwich from the local grill. We received many comments as we paraded around in the tuxes. John was even stopped by the cops, but it was only to wish him good luck.

Finally the boys headed back to the house to join everyone for the union of Heather and John. Everyone settled into their seats, and the parents and bridesmaids walked down the aisle – then she emerged. As Heather came out into the sunlight, everyone stood up. She made her way to the white carpet and began walking down the aisle, with each step leaving a footprint. When she finally reached the arbor Dad presented her to John and said “Good luck!” He then turned to spend the ceremony with Mom.

The ceremony was lovely, and the joy on their faces was priceless. Once they finally kissed everyone cheered for them, and the rest of the celebrations commenced! This began with some refreshments in the backyard, lots of pictures, an ice cream cone down by the falls, and the reception in Solon. Here are a few images from the weekend, but most can be seen at their photographer’s website.

Wedding shower in Cobourg | Wedding shower in Philadelphia

UPDATE 07AUG09: It appears the direct link to the photographer’s webiste doesn’t work.  Please go to:


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7 Responses to “Wedding: Heather & John”

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