Russia: Touring Moscow with Max

Russia…where should we begin our description of this enormous country? Fortunately, we didn’t have to figure out where to start on our first day. Rob’s friend, Max, was kind enough to meet us at the Moscow airport and help us start our tour of Moscow. He first helped us locate our chameleonesque hostel. After a few swings around the block, several phone calls (in Russian), and several parking spots, we located it. Okay, Max located it; we were of no assistance in this endeavor. Once we had dropped off our belongings, we headed towards Red Square. This was not difficult to find at all, given that it’s the size of 5 football fields or so. On one side of Red Square is the beautiful Church of St. Basil. The Kremlin lines another side of it, complete with Lenin’s final resting place. Down on the far end, there is another beautiful building that turned out to be the State Historical Museum. Across from the Kremlin, the GUM (Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin), a former commoners market, creates yet another gorgeous façade. We walked over to see the Eternal Flame that honors the World War II soldiers.

We decided not to go into the Kremlin that day and instead took shelter from the persistent rain in a restaurant. Max was once again an excellent host. He took us to a traditional Russian restaurant and ordered all of our food for us. Yum! Max ordered a traditional Russian beet salad, borscht, and pelmeni for Emily. He ordered a Russian salad (a salad composed of diced potato, vegetables and meats bound in mayonnaise), borscht, potatoes, and beef stroganoff for me. He insisted that we try the brown bread and fish as well. What a meal!

After rolling out of the restaurant, Max took us to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is famous for its location and the fact that it was rebuilt after communism ended. We then walked over to the Pushkin museum that had a special Faberge exhibit. We spent another hour walking along the Arbat Street, a street for pedestrians filled with artists, shops, and street performers. We were especially impressed by the beautiful string quartet playing in one section. After a long trip and a full day of touring, we were grateful to return to our hostel and quickly fell asleep.  Thanks to Max for a great start to our trip! If you want to jump ahead, all of our photos from Russia are here.


~ by pagespages on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Russia: Touring Moscow with Max”

  1. Oh man-your pictures and stories bring back great memories! My pictures are in facebook albums (much less formal and exciting than this) if you want to compare notes 🙂 P.S. that isn’t the Max that studied at Kenston for a year is it??

    Can’t wait to see the rest!

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