California Vacation: Golden Gate Bridge and Point Reyes National Seashore

We arrived on Thursday to San Francisco. It was a lovely day and we decided to continue to north.  First, we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge for Emily’s first walk across it. How lovely! The water was spectacular, and it was eerie to look out over Alcatraz.

We walked back to our car, and continued our drive north to Point Reyes. We continued along Highway One again, which gave us spectacular views but was a very slow ride because of all the curves. Emily had fun “watching us” on the GPS as the car made hairpin turns. Much of the time it looked like the “car” was driving over the water. The view from the cliffs reminded us of our honeymoon drives through Croatia and Montenegro (where Emily looked out at the beautiful vistas and I attempted to drive on the road and not over the cliff as Emily told me to look at this or that lovely site). We finally left the coastline and were on another extremely curvy and hilly road to Point Reyes. We were so close, rushing to get to the lighthouse before sunset, but coming around one of the bends we were waylaid by cows. Dozens of cows decided it was their turn to cross the road — Emily wryly noted that our estimated arrival time did not account for a cow crossing.

We arrived at Point Reyes just before sunset. The views were breathtaking and the sunset was lovely. It was definitely worth the drive, and we wished we had arrived earlier to hike on some of the trails near the cliffs and water. View some of our photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and Point Reyes in the albums or here.


~ by pagespages on June 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “California Vacation: Golden Gate Bridge and Point Reyes National Seashore”

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I just got back from San Francisco! I can’t wait to hear all about your travels to Russia!

  2. The Russia photos are posted already:,%20International/808882

  3. […] photos from Emily and my trip to California in March.  Coming up the coast we zipped through San Francisco and arrived at Point Reyes right at sunset.  We were well rewarded with this beautiful coastline as well as the amazing sunset (See previous […]

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