George Washington Masonic National Memorial

A couple weeks ago when we were in Alexandria we visited the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. It is a giant spire on top of a hill near the King Street Metro Station and, like many of our friends, we wondered what it was. We had no idea it was dedicated to George Washington.

Inside there are a number of meeting rooms, a ball room, and a museum. The Masons also provide free tours, but you can not be late to them as they take you to areas without public access. As you ascend, there is one level dedicated to George Washington’s life, another to masons in history, and a third to the Knights Templar. At the very top there is an observation deck. The view was not as great as anticipated, but this is more due to the fact that DC is a low-lying city and this spire is not in the middle of the District.

If you have some time and are interested in George Washington or the Freemasons take the tour. Also, the ‘G’ in the field is not for George Washington, but for Geometry which is important for masons. More photos can be found on SmugMug.


~ by pagespages on February 25, 2009.

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