Obama Inauguration: Concert at the Lincoln Memorial – “We Are One”

On Sunday we made our way down to the National Mall with Greg Dost to take in the “We are One” concert at the Lincoln Memorial.  While we were not the ones who showed up at down we were still treated to a great show with everyone jumping to “Shout” as they made their way across the Mall. The songs were capped off by a speech by Barak Obama with all of his supporters cheering across the mall.

The city and the Metro were very alive and there was/is an atmosphere in the air we haven’t really seen since we moved here. It was enjoyable and we even had a beautiful sunset to end the evening downtown. More to come in regards to the inauguration, but there is lots of coverage at this point.  Enjoy the photos located here.

~The Pages


~ by pagespages on January 20, 2009.

One Response to “Obama Inauguration: Concert at the Lincoln Memorial – “We Are One””

  1. […] was capped off by the Inauguration itself.  However, there were people coming and going for the “We Are One” concert as well as to enjoy the museums and all of the other monuments the city offers.  This […]

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