Niagara Falls

The Christmas break found us in several locations, but we were especially excited to have a couple days on our own. We braved the lake effect snow and made our way to Canada. This adventure didn’t take us too far into the country, but we were rewarded with the splendor of Niagara Falls.

We arrived to witness a rainbow over the falls as rays from the setting sun hit the mist drifting in the air. This mist also coated everything, including us, in ice. There trees looked like they were from another planet. We were awe-struck at the size and magnificence of the icy falls in the winter. We weren’t out too long as the cold slowly crept in under our jackets.

That evening we snuggled up next to the fire in our Bed and Breakfast before heading back out to enjoy the lights on the falls and some dinner. The falls are literally flooded with varying colors from the lights. Along the rim there is a driveby light display for winter highlighting Disney themes, Christmas, and all things Canadian such as a “Canadian Noah’s ark” that only had beavers, bears, moose, and Canadian geese getting off the boat. Our favorite display was the one that read “Welcome to Canada” but had an American flag above.

The next day was overcast, but the ground was covered in fresh snow. We decided to head up the Skylon Tower to enjoy a panoramic view before getting up close on the American side. While the attractions were mostly closed the park was still open. Emily played in the snow and knocked some of the ice off of the frozen trees.

We look forward to returning in the summer to go out on the water and below the falls like Rob did with his Japanese host family in 2005. Perhaps a stop on our Canadian road trip when we visit Heather in her future home in Ottawa?

Enjoy some of the photos below and the rest at Smugmug.


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