Wedding: Cake cutting, the bouquet & garter toss, and dancing

After dinner and some dancing, we were looking forward to eating cake. We cut it – without any smearing. It was really delicious! We are looking forward to the top layer sitting in our freezer.

After cutting the cake, Emily tossed her bouquet. For a little woman, she is quite strong! She threw it far beyond anyone’s head, but Jane Courtney (also a lector) retrieved it. (We are hoping that Mark proposes soon.) Next, Rob removed the Georgetown garter from Emily’s leg. He tossed it, and it was caught by Ben. We believe he will be proposing to Missy any week now!

The rest of the night was spent dancing (Many photos located here). It was a beautiful night and one of the best memories of our life. We are grateful to everyone who made it possible.


~ by pagespages on December 25, 2008.

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