Georgetown Hoyas vs. Memphis Tigers

On Saturday we attended the Hoya basketball game against the Memphis Tigers at the Verizon Center.  The earlier home games were blowouts, but this one was much closer, with neither team able to pull ahead.  Some of the highlights were Monroe’s block in the first half and the Hoyas’ run where they hit a couple three pointers in a row.

We were on our feet throughout the entire game and on our toes for the second half.  Towards the end, we made it onto the jumbotron when Jason, in his Santa Claus outfit, drew the attention of the cameraman.  The last 5-10 minutes, the Hoyas and the Tigers were handing the lead back and forth with the Hoyas going up by 2 with about 30 seconds left in regulation.  When the Tigers missed their shot we thought it would be a win, but then they scored with 4 seconds to go.  Overtime!

The teams were evenly matched during the first minute of overtime, but then the Hoyas sunk several important free throws to build a lead. As the buzzer rang, the Hoyas hit a three-pointer from the middle of the court for a final score of 79-70. This game vaulted Georgetown into the top 15. Hoya Saxa!


~ by pagespages on December 16, 2008.

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