All I want for Kittymas is …

As some of you may know, last Christmas we got a cat. It’s hard to believe that we’ve had Yuki (雪) for a year now, but she is dear to us.  Today, while Emily was making cookies and Robby was in his office, Yuki wrote a letter to Santa.  We’ve also added some photos of her below.

Dear Santa Paws,

I am very excited to see my extended family soon! Except for Frisky. And Buttons. I prefer having the house to myself. I’ll try to be nicer this time though.

I have been a very good kitty. I clean myself often and try not to make a mess. I greet Emily and Robby every time they get home and have only bitten Robby 4 times in the past hour. That’s a big improvement! I never bite Emily. Although sometimes I think her toes look yummy. I’m trying to get better. I have not broken any ornaments on the big kittymas scratching post, even though it looks like I could easily do it. Okay, well, I did try. But I didn’t break anything! Santa I promise to be good in the car. I was so good last time.

This is my kittymas list:
Several bags of Purina Friskies treats. I like them all.
A laser pointer.
Make that two. I have been putting on weight (that’s what Emily says), or fur (that’s what Robby says). I really can’t tell.
Balls. Jingling ones are especially fun.

Meowy Kittymas!


~ by pagespages on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “All I want for Kittymas is …”

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