Wedding: Time to Celebrate

While everyone enjoyed drinks we relaxed in a room with some appetizers to make sure we ate.  Then it was time to make our entrance!

Everyone was standing around the dance floor in the middle of the Pavilion Room.  We walked around smiling at everyone before starting to dance across the floor to the tune of “Dancing in the Moonlight.”  Each time Emily spun people cheered and whistled. The room was filled with happy people! We ended the song with Emily spinning and a kiss. What fun!

Shortly thereafter, we sat down for dinner. Fr. Ron said the blessing, and then we were toasted by both our fathers. Their words expressed much joy about our union and that of our families. Jennifer, the matron of honor, also gave a heartfelt toast that made Emily cry. Shortly after dinner was served, Dan, the best man, gave a toast that was spontaneous, funny and heartfelt. We both agree that it was the most incredible “best man toast” either of us had ever heard. Not too shabby for a man who had gotten back just days before from Afghanistan! We are so thankful for him and his service. Every single female in the room wanted his name and number.

While our guests were eating, we walked around to greet everyone at all the tables. It was so wonderful to see our families and friends! Emily received countless compliments about how beautiful she looked. Before too long, dinner was over, and it was time for the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

Dad Conger and Emily took the dance floor. Aunt Susan and Michael James, Emily’s former boss, were playing violins together. Dad and Emily danced to a song called “Emily’s Waltz.” This song was written by Susan Conger (Dad Conger’s younger sister) when Emily was a little girl and has become quite famous in the waltzing world. Dad and Emily always knew this would be the song they would dance to on this special night. It was made even more special by having Susan play it. What a beautiful memory! A few happy tears may have been shed on the Conger side of the family.

Mom Page and Rob took the floor next. Mom looked so proud as they danced together to “What a Wonderful World.” There were many happy faces looking on at the beautiful mother and the handsome son share a special dance together.

We were happy to see that later on Mom and Dad Page and Mom and Dad Conger were able to share their own special, romantic dances. We love all four of you very much!


~ by pagespages on December 11, 2008.

One Response to “Wedding: Time to Celebrate”

  1. We always love to see people having a good time with our music. Congratulations and many more “dances in the moonlight”

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