Wedding: From the Chapel to the Reception

After receiving congratulations from friends and family we quickly lined up for the formal family portraits. This was a rather fast process with thunder rumbling in the background (The ominous rain did not come until after the cake had been cut). We liked all the portraits, but especially loved the shot of the entire bridal party! Once these photos were over, everyone but us rushed off to the cocktail hour at the Ronald Reagan Center.

With no rain on the horizon, we went for a stroll around the Dahlgren Quad. On the bench we talked about our life together and basked in the glow of each others’ happiness. Then we snuck to the side of the chapel where there were beautiful azaleas.

Next, we hopped in the limo and made our way across town and down Pennsylvania Avenue to the reception hall. We watched the DC sites go by and then ran into the middle of the street for a shot down Pennsylvania Avenue with the Capitol in the background. There was much staring and honking! After that we walked amidst the grand columns of the Ronald Reagan Building.

Finally, it was time to head inside! Since the Reagan Center is a government building, there was a metal detector. While Rob danced through it without a problem, Emily set off the alarms with her bobbypins. Fortunately, the guards let her through.

Enjoy the photos below and the rest at the galleries (Formals, Across DC, Cocktails)


~ by pagespages on December 8, 2008.

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