Thanksgiving in NYC

This Thanksgiving found us traveling north to NYC to meet with Emily’s family. A part of Emily’s gift to her father last  Christmas was an interview with Storycorps. The interview took place on Saturday, but we also enjoyed the city earlier in the week.

We arrived on Tuesday night and met up with Rob’s cousin Kevin who lives on upper east side. He took us to a cozy bar where we were able to talk and catch up before we headed over to his favorite bar, Heidelberg, at 86th and 2nd. The next morning we ate a local deli before he tried to scald us with an explosion in his roommate’s espresso machine.

In the afternoon, we met up with Emily’s parents for lunch and then a tour of the MET. The focus was on the special Italian Renaissance exhibit, but we found ourselves wondering through the China exhibit before heading down to the Egyptian room. This room had the two of us reminiscing about our trip there and our desire to go again.

That night we briefly got together with Rob’s Uncle Bryan and his brood. It was nice to see them as we didn’t make it to their house for dinner with Rob’s extended family.

We headed towards a light dinner at Chinatown. Inspired by the proximity of China to Italy (in New York anyway!), we felt a need for some Chinese cannolis. We were stopped by a sign that said the restaurant housed the “Earth’s best cannolis.” We filled up on several delicious desserts and a delightful hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps drink. Yummy!

Thanksgiving in NYC means the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We had hoped to watch this from the street, but somehow the warm, toasty bed at 6 a.m. won our hearts over the cold sidewalks. Luckily, we were able to watch the parade from the hotel. While we were only able to see the back of most of the balloons, we also had the TV on and got a history and background about each one 30-45 minutes after they passed. The combination worked well.

After the parade ended we hopped the subway down to Herald Square to partake in some of the Thanksgiving window watching and shopping.  For the rest of the weekend this meandering of the streets and enjoying the season became a common theme.  Some of the highlights were heading down to Union Square on Saturday for the large Christmas and farmer’s market.  We highly recommend getting down there if you can.

The last evening was capped off with a trip to the Lincoln Center Theatre.  This is an impressive facility located in a forest of skyscrapers near Columbus Circle.  The play we attended was “South Pacific” and the musical was excellent with a live orchestra and talented leads.  Finally, we managed to get together with Jillian and Greg who we had been trying to get together with all weekend.  It was nice to catch up with them, but more importantly, next year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving they will be getting married and we can’t wait to be back in NYC next year to celebrate that special day with them.

The photos are in four galleries – 1, 2, 3, & 4.  Photos of the Naked Cowboy and Times Square can be found in those galleries while previous NYC trips are located here.  Enjoy some of our favorites from the weekend below!


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